Wholesale & Finished Goods

Stock and order management for wholesale and
finished goods manufacturing

Wholesale & Logistics Integration

Support for both e-commerce and ERP integration

Wholesale & Logistics WMS

Handle essential stock, warehouse and dispatch activities

Web Hosted WMS

Web hosted to future proof your business

Cloud hosted system to manage stock, pick and despatch operations.

The wholesale sector has always adapted to volatile market conditions, recognizing and taking advantage of opportunities to win customers and increase margins. But this means meeting guarantees on product availability, competitive prices and super-flexible delivery arrangements.

Easily implemented, with multiple options to manage stock in wholesale or finished goods operation.

  • Depot transfer
  • Automatic putaway rules
  • Automatic rotation
  • Order call off function
  • Product Kitting

  • P&D Management

  • Multiple picking options
  • Batch and serial number control
  • SSCC label scanning
Get instant, accurate real time stock data

How can ProSKU help you?

The disruptive forces of online competition and new technology test established trading methods to the limit so adopting the right solution is key to keeping pace and thriving under new conditions.

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Easily Integrate ProSKU with multiple channels

Link the ProSKU solution with leading e-commerce platforms and carrier management solutions.