ProSKU WMS Cloud Mobile App

Advanced Android App to empower your workforce and raise productivity levels

Real time movement processing

Real time movement processing

Real-time solution gives accurate data, high productivity and reduced downtime.

Multiple barcode validation options

Barcode validation options

Integrated scanning for barcode validation and key data capture at receipt and picking.

Task exception handling

Task exception handling

Integral exception handling process to minimise supervisor intervention.

True real-time benefits from a fast, flexible solution.

The ProSKU WMS Cloud mobile App delivers big operational benefits, automatically assigning real-time tasks to eliminate process errors and boost productivity.

A single, powerful solution to manage your whole stock operation

Intuitive screen instructions

Intuitive screen instructions

Simple, consistent App screen instructions allow easy take-up by operative personnel.

Full range of movement options

Range of task options

All key warehouse tasks can be executed using simple processes.

Flexible pick processes

Flexible pick processes

Multiple options for App-based picking including wave, cluster, bulk pick and sort options.

User permission by task type/area

Work type and area permissions

Manage workload assignment with controlled task types and work areas.

User task assignment

User task assignment

Direct user task-assignment to maximise key skills areas.

Switchable tasks

Switchable tasks

Switch between App or print instruction to handle workload or equipment issues.

Watch how the ProSKU WMS Cloud app could help your operation.

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Watch: Picking

Watch: Bulk Picking

Watch: Bulk Sort Process

Watch: Cluster Picking

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How these features work for you

The design of ProSKU WMS Cloud reflects extensive experience of the physical storage environment. We believe an adaptable, well-designed standard system saves you time and money compared with a bespoke or customised solution. And as ProSKU WMS Cloud is constantly developing, everything we learn from our users helps to make it a better product.

Easily Integrate ProSKU WMS Cloud with multiple channels

Link the ProSKU WMS Cloud solution with leading eCommerce platforms and carrier management solutions.