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Frequently Asked Questions

Most businesses over a certain size that store and handle goods can benefit from using the WMS like the ProSKU warehouse management system. Unlike an inventory system, ProSKU WMS manages physical stock, storage space and all associated handling processes to provide accuracy, efficiency and discipline.

ProSKU WMS can be used on any computer or mobile device with Internet access and a modern browser installed. The optional ProSKU App is designed for Android devices and can be used with a wide range of tablets, smartphones and rugged equipment.

The ProSKU application is hosted using Amazon Web Services (AWS), the largest provider of hosted cloud services. System downtime is always possible with web-based systems but is highly unusual and the application servers will normally deliver in excess of 99.9% uptime.

System response times are excellent and should rarely be a problem. The most important factor here is the speed of your Internet connection, as insufficient bandwidth can affect response times. So you should ensure that this is specified properly for all your business needs.

All permanent data is located within a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and stored on highly secure backed-up servers. Numerous built-in security features and an extensive range of network security tools are deployed for all hosted applications, guaranteeing full data security.

All saved system data is fully secure in this event. At worst there is a small possibility of minimal data loss.

ProSKU’s open API allows exchange of data with e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, carrier management, accounts and ERP applications. ProSKU also handles CSV data import and export.

The minimum contract period for ProSKU is 12 months with discounted fees available for extended terms.

ProSKU is a very easy product to set up and use and is supported by online user guides. However we always recommend our chargeable standard implementation programme as the most cost-effective way to use and benefit from the system.

Simply contact us on the number or via the email address on the home screen.

Both regular monthly payments and one off charges (e.g. for services) are taken by direct debit using the GoCardless application.

If you want to see and learn more of the WMS  – and we’re sure you will – we can arrange a remote web demonstration or a visit to our premises to meet our sales and development team.