About ProSKU

A system to deliver accuracy, efficiency and discipline in the physical stock environment

ProSKU is developed by an experienced logistics software company with systems installed in many major UK distribution facilities. ProSKU offers an effective, best practice solution to help you receive, store and pick efficiently, ensure despatch accuracy and guarantee correct real time information.

ProSKU is different to a stock control or inventory management system because it offers greater control for managing physical product and the activities involved. This gives you a true stock picture and the secure information to support buying decisions and availability guarantees.

ProSKU works well in logistics operations of any size, providing a framework to manage stock and validate all related physical processes. Used in conjunction with good operational practice it will raise and maintain productivity levels, reduce costs and increase your profitability.

As a result you’ll sharpen your competitive edge, improve customer service and increase your margins

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Get instant, accurate real time stock data

You need ProSKU if:

Multiple depots

You store products or materials and want better control to guarantee accurate stock and location data.

Pick face top-up

You want to streamline your receiving operations, capture data easily and improve the flow of goods.

Flexible pick processes

You need to improve your pick process efficiency or manage greater volumes without increased cost.

Despatch process

You need to be confident that all your orders reach the customer with the right product and quantity.

ERP platform integrator

You want to integrate applications for a seamless fulfilment process from customer click to completed delivery.

Why choose ProSKU?

  • ProSKU is a product that reflects the best in web technology. Powerful, reliable and suitable for your needs now and in the future.
  • A true cloud-hosted application developed and maintained in a highly secure IT environment, available 24 hours a day.
  • A monthly-rental product you can fund from operating budgets to preserve essential capital for other investment areas.
  • A deploy-anywhere WMS solution for PC, tablet or mobile, with an intuitive Android App for task execution.
  • A product created by established WMS system experts with the benefit of over 25 years’ development experience.
  • A system that offers advanced features in an intuitive, accessible form based on best-practice storage techniques.
  • Developed and supported by an exclusively UK-based technical team who can respond swiftly to your needs and questions.
  • Faster and easier to implement than other systems, reducing the time between decision and go-live to a matter of weeks.
  • On-board new business channels within days with open API access for rapid cart, e-commerce and carrier integration.

Easily Integrate ProSKU with multiple channels

Link the ProSKU solution with leading e-commerce platforms and carrier management solutions.