3PL Logistics

Professional warehouse, order processing and billing management for 3PL Logistics operators

3PL Essential Tools

Essential warehouse tools for third party service providers

3PL Pick & Dispatch Management

Full control of order, pick and despatch processes

3PL Reporting

Automation of charging, billing and reporting

Optimised control of stock and admin functions to satisfy demanding clients

As a specialist in 3PL you aim to excel where your customer can’t. You must deliver in every sense on your customer’s promise, ensuring the buyer satisfaction they can control isn’t compromised in the area they don’t.

With great standard features and options, ProSKU WMS Cloud for 3PL offers essential functions for the third party service provider

  • Multi-client stock ownership
  • API orders from client websites or marketplaces
  • Owner stock & report visibility

  • Owner order management
  • Multiple charge type creation and charge-point
  • Charge calculation and invoicing
  • Owner goods transfer
Pick orders faster, easier and more accurately

How can ProSKU WMS Cloud help you?

When you operate in a highly competitive sector, small differences sometimes mean big gains. ProSKU WMS Cloud 3PL is something that will make those differences count for your operation.

Easily Integrate ProSKU WMS Cloud with multiple channels

Link the ProSKU solution with leading e-commerce platforms and carrier management solutions.