Wave Picking

Wave picking is a means to group orders together and process them for picking at the same time. You can group orders according to four main criteria:

  1. Owner – orders for a specific owner can be selected.
  2. Delivery Address – orders for a specific delivery address can be selected, if the delivery address is held on file in Company Set-up>Delivery Addresses.
  3. Delivery Date – orders for a specific delivery date can be selected.
  4. Delivery Time – orders for a specific delivery time can be selected, where the delivery date is also specified.


How to Use Wave Picking

Select the Orders option from the menu and click the ‘Wave Orders’ button. If any wave orders already exist these will be displayed. Otherwise click the ‘New Wave Order’ button, which will display the following form:


The ‘Assign to’ field can be used if you want to assign the wave pick to a specific operative.

The following fields can then be completed to make your selection of orders:

  • Owner detail
  • Delivery address
  • Order date
  • Delivery date/delivery time

The ‘Records per page’ field enables you to specify how many orders you want like to see displayed per page.

Cluster pick – this check box is used if you want to create a cluster pick – see Cluster Picking below.

Once you have completed the required fields for your selection, click ‘Get Orders’. The ‘Filtered Orders’ display will now appear at the bottom of the screen as below.


This can now be used to refine your order selection by checking or un-checking the boxes to the left of the line. If you want to cancel creation of the wave you can click the ‘Cancel’ button.

When you are happy with your selection click the ‘Add to Wave’ button. When you do this you are processing them for picking as well as adding them to the wave, and accordingly a movement list for each order will be created.

The wave you have created is now displayed on screen showing the selected orders (same view as Filtered Orders tab below).

Above the display there are four tabs;

  1. Wave orders

This tab returns you to the main wave orders display (all created waves will be listed there).

  1. Header details

This tab allows you to amend the ‘Assign to’ information on the wave header details.

  1. Filtered orders

This tab displays the orders that have been selected for the created wave.

  1. Movement lists

This tab displays the movement lists for the orders, which can be confirmed in the normal way. This function works in exactly the same way as for other orders, see ProSKU>Orders>Completing the Order Using Movements.

Also at this point, as per standard operation you can generate a printed movement (picking) list to be used in the picking and confirmation process. As this is for a ‘wave’ of orders there is only one print instruction for all the orders on the wave. However, each order appears on a separate page within the print for ease of use operationally.

The options to use handheld devices to combine picking and confirmation are also available according to the configuration of your system.

If the wave needs to be cancelled after this point you can do this by cancelling the individual pick instructions in the movement list. The order(s) can then be deleted from the wave, and the wave itself can be deleted.

Despatch of Wave Orders

Once orders in a wave have been confirmed using the methods above they are transferred automatically to despatch. The screen display as above shows orders listed individually as well as in consolidated waves. This allows an individual order or an entire wave to be despatched. If orders are despatched as part of a wave they are no longer displayed as single orders.

Despatch notes (if not already generated in sort process above) can be printed at this point.

Quick-Scan Despatch

It is also possible to use the quick-scan short cut to despatch individual orders. This is done by checking the ‘Order Ref to Despatch’ box within the Despatch option, and scanning the barcode on the despatch note to confirm despatch.