A stock status allows you to identify stock which is in a specific condition on arrival, or which is changed to a different condition during the time it is stored. A stock status can be applied to a product on receipt or via the adjustments option.

The concept of ‘good stock’ is sometimes used in storage operations to identify stock which is sound, i.e. which can be despatched to a customer. ProSKU does not need a ‘good’ stock status. Any stock which does not have a status is considered to be ‘good’ stock.

This means that stock which does have a status will, by default, not be picked. However if you wish to pick stock with a specific status you can simply enter the status on the order when you create the order line.

To create a stock status, click ‘Company Setup>Stock status’. Any existing stock statuses will be displayed on screen. If there are no existing statuses ‘No Stock Statuses Found’ is displayed.




To create a new one click the ‘New Stock Status’ button on the right of the screen or on the ’new’ line.

A mandatory field is displayed for you to enter the name of the stock status.




Once you have entered a name click ‘Create Stock Status’ and the new status is then displayed on screen. A delete function is provided if the code is no longer required.