Feature Showcase

Despatch Label Functionality

ProSKU has recently been enhanced to upgrade its despatch label functionality. This reflects the increasing numbers of ProSKU customers who require despatch label functionality for internally managed, own vehicle deliveries as well as external courier despatches.

ProSKU already offers integration to a wide range of courier systems for generating parcel despatch labels, a common need for e-commerce retailers and e-fulfilment operators. The recent changes now provide the option to generate labels for all despatch types including full or part pallets, cases and items when using internal transport resources.

Despatch Label Generation

The new functionality is an optional feature managed via the ProSKU despatch screen which allows despatch labels to be generated in PDF format. The system provides a standard label format (this can be tailored to business needs pre-implementation) which comprises basic information including order number, additional reference, delivery/despatch number, unique label ID and the number of consignments (part 1 of 2/3 etc.)

The number of labels produced normally equates to the number of pallets or cases picked e.g. 4 pallets = 4 labels, but a part pallet or quantity of loose cases picked within the same order would also generate a label. If a greater number of labels is required, for example where one of the consignments has been split into two, an edit feature allows the extra labels to be created.

Conversely, there may be instances where part pallets or loose case quantities are consolidated into a single consignment, meaning fewer labels are required. In this case the label for a consolidated consignment must identify the products and quantities it contains. The edit feature is used to handle this, allowing you to identify which consignments are being merged so that a label which specifies the right products and quantities can be generated.

If you would like to know more about using the Despatch Label functionality please contact us on info@prosku.com or call us on 0800 170 1161