The ‘Transfers’ option allows you to transfer stock internally from one location to another.  Reasons for doing this could be for quality control purposes i.e. moving damaged goods to another location, for general housekeeping i.e. to consolidate stock and improve space utilisation, or because you are reorganising your storage area in any number of ways.

To enter a new transfer click the Transfers option in the side bar.  Any existing transfers will be displayed on screen.  If there are no existing transfers ‘No Transfers Found’ is displayed.


Enter Transfer Header Information

To enter, click the ‘New Transfer’ button.  A form will now be displayed which allows you to enter the transfer header detail.


If your system is set up with stock owners the ‘Owner’ field is the first one displayed.  You don’t need to enter an owner in order to create a transfer, but if you want to it can be selected from the drop down list.  Alternatively you can enter a character (e.g. first letter of owner name) anywhere in the owner field and the list will be sorted by the entered character.

Assigned To

If you want to assign the transfer to a specific system user you can select one from the drop down list and enter it here.


Enter any notes specific to the transfer in this field.


Once you have entered your details click ‘Create Transfer’ to update and confirm creation.  A message will confirm that the transfer has been created and your header details are displayed as before.  If you wish to edit the header detail click the ‘Edit Transfer’ button at the bottom of the form.

You will note is now an extra tab called ‘Transfer Lines’ at the top of the header detail form.

The transfer is also displayed as a single line of information on the main ‘Transfers’ screen.  This can be accessed by clicking the Transfers tab at the top of the header detail form or by selecting Transfers in the side bar.  The status of the transfer is shown as ‘Created’.

Up to the point of adding transfer detail information (see below) the transfer can be deleted by clicking the red ‘Delete’ button to the right of the line.  However, once line detail has been entered you must delete this first before trying to delete the whole transfer.

Enter Transfer Detail Information

Select the transfer you require and click the ‘Transfer Lines’ tab at the top of the header detail form.  Two search boxes are then displayed.  The mode of use is slightly different for each one.

Product Code Search

The product code search box is the first of two search functions available in Transfers.  Here you can search for any product, or if you have entered an owner any product belonging to that owner.  To search for products you can enter one or more characters of either the product code or its description.  All the relevant product matches are displayed for you to select the one you want.

Click on the product you want to add to the transfer.  All the available stock of that product will then be displayed on screen and the product you have selected is confirmed in the header details.

The columns in the display will indicate the following product details:

Status/Product/Total Quantity/Current stored location/Quantity to move/Rotation/Received date/Batch No./Move to box

There is also:

  • Auto disable check box – check the box to disable the ‘transfer from’ location
  • Add button – this generates the transfer line (see below)
  • Adjust button – this can be used to make an adjustment to the stock before creating a transfer.

Location Search

The location search box is the second search function available in Transfers.  Here you can search for any locations, or if you have entered an owner any locations that contain products for that owner.  To search for locations you can enter one or more characters of the zone or the location code.  A list of the all the matching locations is displayed.

Click on the location from which you want to transfer product.  This will display the stock details for that location and confirm the selected location reference in the header details.

What you can do next depends on the product selected, as follows:

For products with an individual putaway unit (e.g. pallet, etc.) only the entire unit can be transferred.  For this reason you cannot amend the ‘quantity to move’ field.

For loose stored items any quantity can be transferred.  The ‘quantity to move’ field can be amended to the exact number of items you want to transfer.

For each product you want to transfer, enter the destination location in the ‘Move To’ box on the same line, then click Add to generate the transfer line.

As you add each line to the transfer it is displayed at the top of the page.  To the right of the line there is a ‘Cancel’ button to cancel the transfer if needed.

The selected product or location will remain displayed on screen below the transfer lines, with stock quantities adjusted to reflect any transfer lines you have already created.

If you have created a transfer for a individual putaway unit (e.g. a pallet from a single pallet location) the message ‘No Stocks Available’ may appear, which will indicate there is no stock left in that location to transfer.  However, if you have created a transfer for loose stored items there may be remaining stock in the location to transfer.

If you wish to create more transfers for the selected stock repeat the process.  If not, click the Cancel button and the display will revert to the two initial search boxes for product and location.

Once you have created all the transfer lines you need, click ‘Process the Transfer’.

Once you have clicked the ‘Process’ button, a message will confirm successful completion of the transfer and the status of the transfer in the main transfer display screen will change to ‘Processing’.  You have also generated a movement list which is created within the ‘Movements’ option and all the outstanding (transfer) movements are displayed on it.  A paper copy of the movement list (in this case a ‘Transfer List’) can also be printed from that option.

 It is now no longer possible to close or amend the transfer information.  The transfer movement can however be cancelled in the Movements option, see below.


Completing the Transfer using Movements

To access the movements list select ‘Movements’ from the side bar.  Existing movements will be displayed on screen.  Each one is identified by type e.g. putaway, transfer, picking, etc.

Click on the line for the transfer movement list you require.  You can also click on ‘Document’ to identify the original source i.e. the transfer to which the movement list relates.

After clicking the line, the header details are displayed and there is an ‘Edit’ button which allows editing of the ‘Notes’ and ‘Assign To’ fields only.

At the foot of the screen under ‘Movement Confirmation’ there are three buttons:

  • Back – this button will take you back to the main movement list screen
  • Print – this button will print the movement list
  • Confirm – this button will confirm and update the movement confirmation.

The printed movement list will normally be used by your warehouse staff to perform the movements displayed on screen.  During the physical picking process they can confirm completion of the movements and report any variations.  This information can then be used to perform the movement confirmation on screen.

The movement confirmation function operates as follows:


Check box – All Movements Done (only appears where there are multiple movements)

Check this box if all movements have been carried out as per the details on screen.  All you need to do to after this is click the ‘Confirm’ button.

Check box – Individual Movements

As an alternative you can check the box against an individual line.  You normally use this where some but not all of the movements have been completed.  If you use the ‘Confirm’ button after this any unconfirmed movements will remain on the movement list.


This option allows you to cancel the transfer instruction altogether.  If there is a single transfer line the movement will be deleted from the system and the transfer line will be deleted from the originating transfer.  If there is more than one transfer line on the movement (where this is possible) any unconfirmed or un-cancelled lines will be retained after others are cancelled.


Ownership Transfer

‘Ownership Transfer’ is a facility that allows you to transfer the ownership of stock you are holding from one owner to another.  When the stock is transferred it will retain the same product code for the new owner as it had under the previous owner.

The ‘Ownership Transfer’ function does not physically transfer the stock, and it will remain within the same locations(s).  If an additional physical transfer is required this can be performed using other system functions.

In order to perform an ownership transfer, both the ‘From’ and the ’To’ owners must have the ‘Ownership Transfer’ function enabled on the owner record.

To perform an ownership transfer you must first change the status of the stock you want to transfer.  This can be done via the standard ‘Adjustments’ option in the normal way, using either the product code or location search features to find the stock you require.

Once you have selected and displayed the stock you want to transfer ownership for, click the ‘Adjust’ button at the end of the line.  The adjustment screen allows you to change the stock’s status, as per the screenshot below.  Select the status called ‘Ownership Transfer’, then complete the process by adding a reason code and saving the changes you have made.  If you want to adjust further products for ownership transfer repeat the process.


The second stage of the process is performed using the standard ‘Transfers’ option.

Select the option and click the ‘New Transfer’ button.  You are asked to enter an owner to begin the transfer, which must be the ‘From’ owner.  Then at the ‘Transfer Type’ field use the drop down list to select ‘Ownership Transfer’.  Once you have selected this transfer type another field is displayed which requires you to enter the ‘To’ owner.  Once you have done this, click ‘Create Transfer’ to complete this stage.

If you now click the ‘Owner Transfer’ tab at the top of the screen all the ‘From’ owner stock with an assigned status of ‘Ownership Transfer’ will be displayed as shown below.


To fully complete the transfer of ownership to the new owner, click the ‘Confirm’ button.  The transferred stock will now be recorded as being in stock for the new (‘To’) owner.