As with Movements you cannot actually go into Despatch and create anything. What you see in Despatch are completed orders i.e. orders which have been picked and are awaiting confirmation of dispatch.




The Despatch process is the final stage in the order cycle which allows you to:

  • Amend the order delivery information i.e. delivery address, date and time.
  • Print a ‘clean’ delivery note for the order.
  • Confirm that the order has been despatched.

If the order is one that requires confirmation by scanning before it can be despatched the scan process will also be performed from within this option. Please see the ORDERS section for more information about how this is used.

Interface to Delivery Management System

This functionality requires API integration and will usually be carried out by the provider of your DMS system. Help or advice needed to achieve this can be provided by the ProSKU technical team, who will also perform a small amount of set-up. This includes the creation of shipping codes for the DMS system which will denote the consignment sender or senders (in the case of multiple owners).

Using standard API functionality ProSKU can be integrated with a carrier/delivery management system (DMS) in order to transfer consignment details and generate carrier consignment labels.

ProSKU may be linked to a DMS to handle all consignments despatched by the system or just those for specific owner(s). The check box at company/depot/owner level must be checked to indicate ‘shipment required’. This will mean that all pick-confirmed orders will appear in the despatch display showing an additional box in the line called ‘Shipping Details’.

This allows you to perform a despatch process to send each order through to the DMS system. The DMS will then confirm back via API that the order shipment details have been received and allow you to generate carrier consignment labels where required. Where the DMS cannot accept a consignment for any reason it will return an error.

Despatch consignment details are accessed by selecting Despatch from the side menu or by scanning the movement (picking) list for the order.

Clicking the ‘Shipping Details’ button will display a form with the title ‘Despatch Shipment Detail’. This is the information that will be sent through to the carrier system, and you can amend any of the form detail at this point.

If all the detail on the form is correct you can simply click the ‘Confirm’ button, which will then transmit the information to the DMS via the API. A ‘Consignment Despatched’ message will then be displayed at the top of the screen.

The shipment details can also be confirmed simply by scanning the movement (picking) list. This can be done by scanning the movement list barcode from within the form.

A ‘Skip Shipment’ button is also available at the bottom of the screen. This can be used if for any reason you do not want to send this consignment via the DMS interface. The order can then be processed through despatch in the normal way.

If the Google Cloud Print function is enabled the consignment label generated by the carrier system will be automatically printed.

After confirming, the order will disappear from the list of outstanding despatches. It can still be viewed by using the order search facilities, for example if the label needs to be reprinted.