A location rule is a sequenced set of locations which can include either zones or location groups, and creates a preferred sequence for product putaway. When setting up your products, selecting a location rule at the ‘Auto Putaway Option’ on Product Details means the product will be put away according to the sequence within the rule.

This means that the system will search for space within the first location, and work through to the last sequenced location as necessary to locate space for the product.

To create a location rule select “Depot Setup>Location Rules” from the side menu. Any existing location rules will be displayed on screen.




Click the “New Location Rule” button and you will see two fields in which you can enter a name and an identifying code for your location rule.




Once you have entered these, you can set your preferred sequence in the putaway priority numbers section. The lower the number entered the higher up the sequence the zone or location will be.




Once you have done this click the “Create Location Rule” button and the system will confirm successful completion.