Select “Depot Set-up>Location Groups” from the side menu. Any existing location groups will be displayed.

To create a new location group click the “New Location Group” button. Two fields are displayed for you to enter the name and an identifying code for your location group.




When you have entered these click the “Create Location Group” button. The system will confirm successful creation of the location group.




You can then add the locations which will comprise of your location group. This can be done in different ways:




Add an Individual Location

To add an individual location use the “Add Location” field. Enter the location reference, then click the “Add Location” button. The location you have entered will then be displayed in the box ‘Locations assigned to this group’ shown below. If you wish to add further individual locations, simply repeat the process.


Add Zones

Any number of zones, or part zones can be added to your location group. You can do this, for example, by adding an entire block, one or many columns or levels within a block, or a single column or level within several blocks. If adding by column you can determine the number of levels included, or if adding by level you can determine the number of columns included.

The easiest way to visualise this is to imagine your warehouse locations as a picture of a 3D grid with lots of squares. If you took a coloured pencil you could shade in any of the squares of the grid and add them to your Location group. This, in effect is what the set up method allows you to do.


Add a single block/part block to the group

The available zones are displayed on the right hand side in the ‘Add Zones’ box. Click on “Add by Block” option against your selected zone. The field input requires you to enter the block/part block you wish to add. You are then asked to enter the start and end level, and start and end column.

If you wish to add the whole block you would simply enter the first and last level, and first and last column numbers. If you wish to fine tune what you add to the group with only some levels or columns you will enter the range of level or column numbers required. Once you have entered your details click “Add Location” button.

The other options ‘Add by Column’ and Add by Level’ work in the same way;

  • Add by Column – select column first, then select (range of) levels and blocks.
  • Add by Level – select level first, then select (range of) columns and blocks.