Locations can be edited, and there is a delete facility for locations which do not hold stock. To use these click “View/Setup Locations” button on the right hand side of the relevant zone. The system will display all locations within the selected zone.

To edit or delete, click on an individual location. The delete button option is not available if stock is held in the location.

You cannot edit block/column/level/level name as this format is common to other locations within the block. If the location is a custom-named one these characteristics are irrelevant and are not displayed.

The editable fields are the following check box settings:

  • In Service
  • Picking – Only available if the zone is not set to random storage sequence.
  • Mixed storage


Custom Naming Locations

An individual storage location can be given a name with which it can be identified, rather than by a location code. There are two ways this can be done.

  1. Converting an existing location to a custom named location. If you do this you can also revert it back to its previous location identity if needed.
  2. Creating a new custom named location


Converting Existing Locations to Custom Locations

To do this, follow the instructions above for Editing/Deleting Locations, and click on an individual location. Enter a ‘custom name’ in the field provided, then click “Update Location” button. The new custom location will be displayed at the bottom of the zone display screen under ‘Custom Locations’.

If you want to convert this location back to its previous identity click on the custom location in the list, then at the bottom of the screen click the ‘Revert to Standard LocID’ button. After this click “Update Product” button. The location will now be displayed as it was before the custom naming.


Creating a New Custom Location

To do this, follow the instructions above for Editing/Deleting Locations and click on “Create Location” button. Enter a ‘custom name’ in the field provided, enter at least one capacity by UoM then click “Create Location” button.

Once you have created a custom location it can be used in exactly the same way as any other location in terms of putaway, storage and picking.


Creating Additional Location(s) Within Existing Zone

To create an additional location in a zone that’s already set up click “View/Set up locations” button on the far right of the zone in the list. At the bottom of the page click “Create Location” button. This page allows you to create additional single locations within existing blocks, or within a new block.

After entering the block, column and level info for the location you’re creating you can check the boxes to specify whether the location is:

  • In service
  • A picking location (if zone not set to random storage sequence)
  • Mixed storage.

In Default Capacities by Unit of Measure/Volume specify a capacity for the location in the same way as described previously in Creating Locations.

You can also create a Custom name for the location, and add the location to a location group or groups.


Location Labels

You will be given the option to print location labels after the location set-up that we will carry out for you at initial system set-up. To (re)print an individual location label you can go to “Zones>View/Setup Locations”, select an individual location and click “Location Label”.