This option can be used to set up regular customer or consignee delivery addresses. However, as orders can be placed without a delivery address it is not necessary to create them in this option.

The ‘Company Setup>Delivery Addresses’ function can be selected from the side menu.

To create a new address click ‘New Delivery Address’ button.




A form is now displayed which allows you to create new address detail.




The first two fields are mandatory:

  • Delivery Code – This is a short code for identification.
  • Delivery name – This is the name of the customer/consignee.

The remaining fields on the left and centre of the screen allow you to enter address and contact details. Up to three contacts can be entered.

The ‘Active’ check box (default is checked) can be used when you wish to make a delivery address inactive. You may do this when the delivery is no longer valid and you no longer want it to appear.

The ‘Other’ section on the right hand side of the screen contains the following fields:

  • Print Despatch Labels [Functionality not available in this release]
  • Packing Method [Functionality not available in this release]

Once you have entered your date click ‘Update Delivery Address’ to confirm the details.