Creating a User

All users must be set up in this option so that the system can recognise them at logon and assign the appropriate access permissions to system functions. Assistance with this function will be provided by the ProSKU support team at initial set-up.

The “Company Setup>Users” function can be selected from the side bar. To create a new user click “New User” button. A form is now displayed which allows you to enter the user detail.

The following are mandatory fields which must be completed:

  • Name

This can be a short or first name only.

  • Full name

The full user name should be entered.

  • Password/password confirmation

This is the normal user access password

  • E-Mail

This field is mandatory when setting up a super-user, but not for other user types. This is because a minimum of one email address is required for the ‘Lost Password’ function. When this function is used a user will enter their company and user name. These details are then sent by email to the super-user so that a new password can be created. You can however set up an email address for other users types if required.

In addition there are the following two mandatory fields:

  • User Type

Specifying the user type will determine which options and functions in the system the user can gain access to. For example if the user type is ‘super-user’ then all options and functions will be available. However if the type is ‘supervisor’ more limited options are available. Whichever type is selected it is then possible to customise the form options to vary the access permissions.

  • Depot

This is the depot to which the user you are creating will normally log on.

  • Depot Login Permission

All available system depots will be displayed. For each additional depot the user is allowed access to the box must be checked.

Once you have entered the new owner detail click “Create User”. The new user will now be displayed as a single line in the main User display. Depending on the user type you have set a range of options and functions will be available. To amend these, click on the line and a form will be presented to allow you to do this. Once you have made your amendments click “Update User” to confirm the changes.

Create Bar-code Function

ProSKU allows the creation of a unique bar-code ID for each system user, which allows them to access the system by scanning, rather the conventional user and password logon. This can be done by using the ‘Print Barcode Login’ option in User set up, which is available after you have completed set up by clicking the ‘Create User’ button. A ‘Delete’ button is available if required and the barcode can be recreated if needed.

Owner Users

An ‘Owner User’ is a logon permission specifically for a stock owner, or an external person having the owner’s permission to access the system on their behalf.

Access for an Owner-user is limited to two system functions:

ProSKU reporting functions – within which they only have visibility of their own stock.

Orders – subject to a permission setting under your control, they have the facility to import, view, manage and process orders relating to their own stock.

To create an owner-user select ‘Company Set-up>Users’ and click ‘New Owner’ button or ‘new’ line in the Owner-user section. The data required is almost the same as for other users, except that there is no ‘User Type’ and there is a field to specify the owner to whom the user belongs.