Owner Users

An ‘Owner User’ is a user type which is set up specifically to provide a system logon facility for a stock owner, or stock owner’s representative. Typically this would be someone external to the company, but may be someone within the organisation if different stock ownership exists within the same business.

System access for an Owner-user is limited to two specific areas of the system which are:


Within this option an owner user only has access to their own orders or their related historical detail. They can be allowed access to functions which enable them to:

  • view current and completed orders
  • manage (i.e. amend) current orders
  • import new orders
  • process orders for picking.

They can also access the search function to view historical order data.


Within this option an owner user only has access to report data relating to their own products. There are three available reports:

Detailed stock enquiry

  1. Stock movement history
  2. Reorder levels

Further detail on the functions available in these reports can be found in ProSKU>Reports

To create an owner-user select ‘Company Set-up>Users’ and click ‘New Owner’ button or ‘new’ line in the Owner-user section. The data required is almost the same as for other users, except that there is no ‘User Type’ and there is a field to specify the owner to whom the user belongs.




Once you have entered your information click ‘Create User’ and the new owner-user details will be displayed. At this point you can click the line in the display showing the following screen in which specific permissions can be set. Once you have amended the settings as required, click Update User’ to confirm the changes. (Replacement Picture Needed Here)


When the owner-user logs on to the system the following screen will display showing the orders gadget (main screen) with the reduced menu for orders and reports providing the functions described above. (New Picture Needed Here)