Charging (Main Menu option) (Option will only appear on the side menu if third party charging is in use in your system).

This option can only be used if you have set up third party charges within your system using Company set-up>Owners>Third Party Charging. Once the charges are created the calculated charges for the defined charging period will be displayed in this option when the period is complete.

The current completed charge period(s) will be displayed for each owner. To the right of each line there is a ‘View Charges’ button. Clicking this button will display the charges that have been calculated for the period as shown below. (New Picture Needed Here)

If you wish to amend any of the charges at this point you can do this via ‘Company set-up>Owners> Third Party Charging>Set charges’. For charges at product level this can be done via Depot Set-Up>Products>Charge Rates. Once you have made any amendments, you can return to the Charging option where clicking ‘View Charges’ will now show the adjusted figures.

Once you are happy that the charges are correct you can create the bill. To do this first enter the billing date, which must be later than the last date in the charge period, then click the ‘Bill Charges’ button. This will generate the charging report to be used for invoicing purposes, and a CSV download facility. These can be accessed by clicking ‘View Bill’. Note that after using the ‘Bill Charges’ function it is not possible to amend the charges further for this period.

If you want to create bills for multiple periods this can be done by clicking the back button to return to the main display of charges. You can then check the select/select all boxes on the left hand side, enter a billing date (later than last day in most recent period) and click ‘Bill Charges’ at the bottom right of screen. This will generate a bill for each period selected which can be viewed by clicking ‘View Bill’ from where a CSV output can be generated.