ProSKU is delighted to announce another successful year of partnership with Shiptheory, one of the leading shipping carrier integration tools. Over the last year many new ProSKU customers have begun to benefit from the class leading functionality Shiptheory provides, streamlining carrier management and despatch processes to optimise their delivery efficiency.

ProSKU is a warehouse stock management system with full e-commerce capability, so many of its customers make extensive use of external carrier services to fulfill their delivery promise. As well as maintaining excellent control of physical stock, ProSKU helps its customers manage their entire stock handling cycle, from receiving bulk product to the pick and despatch of individual customer orders.

ProSKU customers’ integration with Shiptheory means they can benefit from a range of additional functions not provided by ProSKU, including Shiptheory’s flexible shipping rules. These rules, which can be used at either a simple or advanced level according to individual customer needs, allow online merchants and third party fulfilment specialists to optimise carrier selection.

On receiving and processing information from ProSKU, Shiptheory then automatically generates the correct labels for the chosen carrier and service, which can be locally printed by ProSKU to complete the despatch process. This also conveys the required tracking data to ProSKU which allows orders received from originating marketplaces and shopping carts to be confirmed as despatched.

Another key benefit is the extensive Shipheory reporting suite. This gives ProSKU customers the means to analyse carrier metrics, determine efficiencies and examine overall delivery effectiveness to improve their competitive edge. It includes key information such as shipment volumes, delivery service breakdown, export destination analysis and channel dominance.

But for ProSKU the principal value of Shiptheory is the facility it offers to integrate seamlessly with multiple carriers for its clients’ benefit. This not only provides rapid connection to carriers for new and existing accounts, but also means ProSKU is not required to prepare and maintain its own multiple bespoke integrations, thereby reducing set-up and ongoing costs for its customers.

For further detail on how integrating Shiptheory with ProSKU can help your business, please contact ProSKU on 0800 170 1161 or visit the Shiptheory website