ProSKU has been working with web integration specialists Infinite Codeworks to facilitate the transfer of orders from the Internet to their warehouse management system (WMS) on behalf of e-commerce clients.

As a result of this partnership ProSKU’s e-retail customers can collect and process orders from a range of e-commerce and web cart solutions, including Sage, Magento, Linnworks, Woo Commerce and Shopify. These orders can be integrated directly to the ProSKU WMS by means of an Application Programming Interface (API).

For the pure e-retailer, receiving orders from the Internet is the life-blood of their enterprise. It may also represent a key revenue channel for businesses operating both online and offline stores – the so-called ‘bricks and clicks’ organisations. In either case the means to capture and process web orders quickly and efficiently is a key element of successful e-commerce. For commoditised products, it could be the feature that distinguishes your company from others.

Once an order is received, an e-commerce business can use various software products to help it locate, pick and despatch the goods. A significant number of e-retailers, realising the failings of basic stock and inventory systems are now using WMS like ProSKU, which has been designed specifically to appeal to organisations in the sector. These systems are designed to control physical stock by location and provide operational stock handling processes which deliver accuracy and efficiency.

Alex Mills, sales and marketing director at ProSKU comments: “There are  many advantages to the Infinite Codeworks partnership, which begins with the specialist knowledge and experience they offer. With many successful integration partners and ongoing projects, Infinite are at the centre of web product integration and system developments. For ProSKU this means we can refer customer integration projects and issues to Infinite and be assured of expert knowledge and service.”

ProSKU also has no need to maintain direct relationships with platform providers in order to monitor and react to system changes, removing a significant overhead from their activities. Since the ProSKU system has been successfully integrated with their own product, Infinite Codeworks has the means to connect it to a wide range of common industry platforms. This in turn reduces the involvement of ProSKU’s own developers with their customer integration projects.

Another big plus is the speed with which Infinite Codeworks can complete integrations, with either existing or brand new system platforms. This allows ProSKU to give confident delivery dates to its customers, especially important if they are opening up new business channels, or moving existing ones to a different platform, where continuity is vital.

Alex Mills continues: “Another advantage is Infinite’s ability to deal with customer anomalies. Their in-depth knowledge of the various integration platforms means they can determine quickly how to handle the occasional ‘unusual’ request. They can quickly ascertain whether these can be resolved by the web-facing system itself, or if the issue is one that requires development on the ProSKU side.”

Though the relationship having commenced in 2016 is still a fairly recent one, the work jointly done so far has involved several ProSKU customers, and a number of different integration platforms which support high volumes of orders on a weekly basis. This confirms ProSKU’s belief in their policy of using an experienced specialist for integration to deliver rapid professional results and faster customer satisfaction.

ProSKU is a warehouse management system (WMS) for small to medium business that delivers accuracy, efficiency and discipline to physical stock management. It’s a cloud-hosted solution available on monthly rental, which is suitable for companies in e-retail and wholesale sectors.