ProSKU WMS continues to enhance its stock management functionality to meet best practice requirements for e-commerce, fulfilment and wholesale clients. The latest release of the ProSKU App includes an improved stock-take module that maximises efficiency with real time validation and eliminates paper and manual updates. It handles pre-planned stock-takes as well as ad hoc user-driven checks.

The new functionality allows creation of stock-takes at system management level using ProSKU desktop options. The count instructions are then posted automatically to the App as ‘scheduled tasks’ to be performed by handheld device users. Instructions are based on a range of criteria including product, location and stock ownership and are carried out ‘blind’ by operational staff to ensure count integrity.

Built-in real time validation means high levels of accuracy can be achieved in the check process. Options are provided to scan-confirm check locations, products being checked (using product barcode) and by scanning pallet labels. Extra process options allow determination of walk sequence to facilitate multi-checker efficiency, and selection of ‘out of sequence’ checks to minimise walk times.

On completion, count results are posted back to management options to be compared against current system figures. The system will generate re-check instructions for investigation of count anomalies, as well as discrepancy reports to be used in performing stock adjustments. Once completed, the uniquely referenced stock-take record is archived and retained for future reference.

The module also allows authorised personnel to create and complete stock-takes without prior planning. Working from the device, ad hoc stock checks can be created, referenced and retained at system level. The stock-take criteria are then determined by the device user, who can identify required locations, execute the count and post the results directly back for analysis, as above.

As a key part of effective stock control and a vital audit requirement, reducing the labour and time needed to stock-take is critical. The ProSKU App module allows complete or piecemeal stocktakes to be performed rapidly with high accuracy. Together with post-check processes and secure retention of check data, it satisfies the requirement for ongoing stock accuracy in any size of stockholding.