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ProSKU 3PL provides the ideal solution for third party logistics operators and e-commerce fulfilment specialists. Incorporating the standard features and optional choices from ProSKU WMS it offers a range of extra functions essential for third party customer management.

Stock Ownership

ProSKU 3PL allows full control and movement of stock by third party ownership. Customer products are identified by unique account to enable stock and related transactions to be tracked without impacting storage or product mixing. Goods ownership can be easily transferred between third party customers using simple adjustment features.

Owner Stock Visibility

Third party customers can access the standard reporting suite to check their own stock and transaction data via a dedicated third party logon.

This enables your customers to access all their vital stock information without your assistance, reducing staff contact time and unnecessary report preparation.

Owner Order Management

Third party customers can optionally place, view and manage orders on ProSKU using standard order features, via a dedicated logon.

This is ideal for third party customers with smaller volumes to place orders onto your system, to ensure accuracy and reduce admin overheads.

Owner Orders API

Third party customer orders can be imported automatically using the system’s standard API functionality.

Data-encrypted API transmission enables seamless order transfer and update of stock and despatch tracking data with customer systems.

Charge Calculation & Invoicing

Calculation of charges for handling, storage rental and value-added services is fully automated with a flexible billing process, optional invoice generation or accounts file-update.

Accurate real time charge calculation and simple billing cuts errors to reduce admin time, ensure timely invoicing and improve cash flow.