In October 2019, telecoms solutions specialist OPT Services implemented the ProSKU warehouse management system. After a full year of live operation the system is proving its worth in an expanding business.

Before using ProSKU, OPT relied heavily on the use of spreadsheets and regular stock checks to manage their logistics function. But with year on year expansion it had become clear this was not a suitable solution for the size of the business. Additionally, they had plans to bring new customers on board to use their 3PL services for whom an effective stock management system was a necessity.

To address this issue a team was formed to identify and highlight the business needs and to find the right software product to satisfy them. Many solutions were considered, but a common issue with some packages was the scope (and cost) of the software on offer. OPT had recognized that their key need was to control stock and manage orders, and they were not looking for a complex ERP solution.

They eventually selected ProSKU as an off-the-shelf solution, which proved simple to implement and more importantly, to use. The ProSKU team was fully involved in assisting OPT with the early stages of implementation. This involved providing answers to questions and help with configuration, giving advice on suitable hardware and delivering user training to the OPT logistics team.

The system was then set up in OPT’s newly commissioned unit which had been installed with a purpose designed racking system. The ProSKU team provided further support here to manage the creation of warehouse locations and the electronic upload of product data required for the system.

Since going live the system has delivered multiple operational benefits to OPT. Firstly it provides live stock level information which is available and accessible to both OPT operational staff and their relevant customers 24/7. Secondly, because of better warehouse organisation and improved data recording their order picking operation has become a faster, easier process.

Reporting of stock and order status is also much simplified with all information pulled directly from the system. The resulting increase in speed and efficiency has seen OPT go from picking, packing and processing one delivery a week to multiple daily deliveries, helping to meet the demands of Brexit.

The feedback from OPT staff confirms the impact the system has made: “ProSKU has allowed us to achieve maximum efficiency, and keeping track of stock has been simple and hassle free. The software on the handset is easy to navigate and laid out in an easy-to-follow fashion. Customer service has been quick and informative when queries or issues arise”.

Another operative added: “No more searching for stock because we know exactly where everything is located, making the process of expediting orders quicker. It allows us to maximize space in the warehouse and always remain organized. We would be lost without it!”

As OPT’s needs have changed and developed ProSKU has been able to help by providing some elements of custom functionality, alongside the roll-out of new features in line with their product roadmap. Miles Berry, Logistics Management Systems manager commented: ”Any issues that arise in daily use are responded to quickly, with useful advice to help us avoid similar issues in the future. We look forward to continuing to work with ProSKU as our logistics department grows and prospers.”