Create Your Warehouse

Use simple set-up wizard to create your warehouse map

Generate bar-coded rack labels for print or file output

Upload product database via CSV or API transfer

Customise product records to optimise handling and storage

Upload stock balance for live operation

ProSKU is now ready to use!

Start Receiving

PC or ergonomic Android App to record detail and place goods

Barcode scan to capture key product and receipt data

Generate ID labels for pallets and single putaway items

Advanced auto putaway to place goods quickly and efficiently

Confirm correct putaway with location barcode scan

A secure receipt and putaway process to ensure stock data integrity!

Flexible Picking Options to Suit Your Operation

Receive orders via CSV or API transfer

Select orders to pick by multiple criteria

Choose preferred method – single order, wave, bulk or cluster

Use simple App process for accurate, effective picking

Scan barcodes to confirm location, product or serial number

Accurate, efficient picking to minimise errors and control costs!

Despatch Options for Varied Customer Order Requirements

Optional ‘scan to pack’ despatch function

Process mixed (scan, non-scan) orders

Generate tailored delivery documentation

Multi carrier interfaces for despatch labels

Capture and report customer tracking data

Verified orders mean happy customers!

Changes to Stock? No Problem

Simple options to transfer, adjust and amend

Move stock between locations using simple App process

Adjust loose stock quantities, or split pallet stocks

Amend stock status and all key reference data

Keeping tight control of stock – and stock data!

Everything You Need To Know About Your Stock

Real time stock figures on time – all the time

Trace historic stock movement via full audit

Assess current space capacity and usage

Check throughput totals and stock reorder needs

Optional customised CSV reports

Accurate real time data for precise business control