Efficient physical stock control means better e-retail and wholesale business


Many online retailers and wholesalers offer an exceptional customer experience but fail to manage stock effectively as business grows. 

If you’re using paper records or spreadsheets and struggling to control physical stock then you need a warehouse management system (WMS) …

Lack of real time data and inadequate processes can hamper your ability to pick efficiently, and despatch orders on time. With too little stock you could lose sales, with too much you increase inventory costs and reduce handling efficiency.

ProSKU is a cloud-based application to help online sellers manage physical inventory, reduce costs and satisfy more customers! Unlike a stock control system, ProSKU will manage your stock, handling processes and storage space to deliver benefits in accuracy, efficiency and utilisation.  

ProSKU is created for growing e-retail businesses and offers API integration to popular platforms and marketplaces like Ebay, Amazon, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and business solutions like Sage.

ProSKU key features:

  • Easy Set-up – easy data take-on and configuration of live warehouse options.
  • Receipt & Putaway – rapid receipt processing and intelligent automatic putaway.
  • Picking & Despatch – swift handling of orders through picking and despatch.
  • Stock Management – features to adjust, transfer and check stock checks.
  • Reporting – instant real time data on current stock and historic transactions.

The benefits ProSKU can deliver to e-retailers:

  • Best practice processes for receiving, picking, despatch and stock management.
  • Managing stock and storage space expertly for efficiency and cost reduction.
  • Holding stock at item and location level for absolute inventory accuracy.
  • Controlling re-order levels for optimised fulfilment performance.
  • Integrating with multi-channel and cart solutions for seamless order processing.
  • Utilising barcode scanning for real time product and movement verification.
  • Providing secure stock movement audit trails and order history.

The ProSKU Customer Experience

E-retailers and wholesalers need a stock solution that’s simple, flexible and adaptable to future business needs. Our implementation process will ensure your system delivers benefits from day one, while industry-focused upgrades will mean your system continues to reflect best practice into the future. ProSKU is the quickest route to successful stock management for those looking to replace spreadsheets and paper based operation.