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What is the ProSKU Warehouse Management System?

ProSKU WMS is a software solution that delivers accuracy, efficiency and discipline to the management of physical stock. It gives you effective working processes and handles all aspects of stock and location control.

It will help you place goods accurately, tell you where and what to pick, and verify orders before you send them.

ProSKU is a system for controlling stock in any logistics operation. Whether your space is large or small, ProSKU will help you manage it better.

ProSKU is different to stock control and inventory management systems. It gives much greater control over your physical stock, and all activity related to it. You’ll have highly accurate stock data and manage resources and personnel effectively.

As a result you’ll sharpen your competitive edge, improve customer service and increase your margins.

When do you need ProSKU?

In simple terms you need ProSKU if:

  • You store product or materials and want to control them by location for precise accurate stock data.
  • You want to streamline your product receipt process, capture data easily and improve the flow of goods.
  • You need to improve accuracy and efficiency in picking operations, or manage larger volumes without increased cost.
  • You want to be confident all despatched orders reach your customer with the right product and quantity.
  • You need to integrate other applications to create a seamless fulfilment process from customer click to completed delivery.