Creating Order Types

Order types are used to differentiate one type of order from another where this enables them to be handled differently by the system.  Also for reporting purposes where reporting on order type activity would be valuable.  Currently there is no functionality in the system that is affected by user-defined order type, nor an order types report, although these things may feature in future releases.

A ‘Sales’ order type will however appear as a default in this section, and you can create further ones if you want to.  These can then be selected at the point of creating an order, or included as part of order information when received electronically.

For the avoidance of confusion, the description ‘Internal Order’ given to orders created automatically in the system (see Orders>‘Internal order Creation for Raw Material Use’) is not held in this list.

To create a new order type click the ‘Create Order Type’ button.  Enter the description of the order type in the field provided then click ‘Create Order Type’.  The order type will now appear in the drop down list on ‘Create new order’.