At least one unit of measure is required to create a product.

To create a unit of measure (UOM) click ‘Company Setup>Units of Measure’.  The system displays any UOM that are currently in use, any of which can be used when you create a new product, but you can also create specific ones for your own operation.

To create a new UOM click the ‘New Unit of Measure’ button or click on the new line.

A form is displayed which offers some pre-defined units. If you wish to use any of these simply click ‘Add’.




If you want to create your own, enter a name for the new UOM under ‘New Unit’ (below the Pre-defined units table).



If the UOM you are creating is an individual putaway item (pallet, etc.), check the ‘Individual putaway’ box.

If the UOM you are creating requires a single pick, check the ‘single pick’ box.  This is used for situations where the quantity ordered cannot be picked separately from two places.  A prime example would be cable picked from a reel (the UOM), in metre quantities.  If you require 50M in a single length, it must be picked from a reel with more than 50M as it cannot be picked from two reels holding 25M each.

Finally click ‘Create Unit of Measure’ to create the new UOM. It will now be added to the main display list and will be available for use when setting up products. Individual putaway items are denoted by a ✓ in the relevant column.